Mentoring Programme for Start-ups

Support your strengths

The main goal of the mentoring programme for start-ups is to encourage people in a range of start-up companies. The only condition being that the companies must have at least 1 year of operations already under their belts so that they have an idea of areas they want to work on. Each company will be provided with an experienced mentor possessing excellent business acumen, who will guide them through the process. This programme is free-of-charge for start-ups, and there are spots for only 5-10 companies, thus making it rather unique and eclectic. All employees of the start-ups will enjoy the benefits of a BBC membership, which will in turn enable them to attend and participate in various educational as well as networking events.


The BCC runs this programme with the valued support of Opero as the programme’s general sponsor.


Should you have any questions regarding Mentoring Programme for Start-ups, please contact the programme coordinator Anna Cimburkova.


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