It’s easy to use BCC events and publications as a platform to showcase your company or business. We welcome sponsors for all of our networking and social events, as well as for our educational events.

Promote your business with the BCC

Sponsor a networking or social event

Sponsorship for networking and social events is open to all companies regardless of BCC membership. Please contact us for a schedule of upcoming events available for sponsorship. Examples of this type of event include the BCC’s Blind Wine Tasting, Gala Evening, as well as our Golf Tournament and business mixers.

The BCC is currently seeking sponsors for these events

Sponsor an educational event

The BCC welcomes sponsors for our education programme consisting of briefings, workshops, panel discussions and conferences held throughout the year.
If you would like to host an educational event with the BCC, please contact us. Our educational events are divided into breakfast briefings and workshops dedicated to numerous topics such as social media in business, building a dynamic and functioning environment in the workplace, business English – and many other themes concerning themselves with the relationship of human aspects and business.

Presented by BCC member companies, breakfast briefings are the ideal platform to share knowledge and expertise, as well as to promote your brand. Past presentations have covered a wide range of topics, including legal and financial matters, marketing, mergers and acquisitions, human resources, training and other skills.

Workshops are designed for everyone from assistants to senior management; BCC member companies participate at no extra cost. They are held over the course of a full day from 9am to 5pm. Topics include, inter alia, business English, soft skills and management, corporate governance and business ethics, sales, finance, strategic planning, coaching and leadership. Attendance is capped at 15 participants.

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