NewsWestern Bohemia still highly demanded as the CTPark Pilsen states full occupancy

The cooperation of 108 AGENCY with the leading industrial developer CTP resulted in utilization of remaining available premises of CTPark Pilsen, located in Pilsen – Borská pole. New agreements were signed by the companies MD Elektronik and Top Control.

Western Bohemia, especially the area of the Pilsen, maintain its position of the second most frequented location by the registered demand. Thanks to its location and well developed infrastructure with great connection to Germany, the client interest is currently on the top. The new leasing agreements, mediated by 108 AGENCY, stand as a proof and make the CTPark Pilsen fully occupied.

Prolongation of the leasing agreement signed by MD Elektronik for 7.000 sq m of space signifies the overall contentment with the project, where it has located the logistics facilities for its production lines in Pilsen and nearby Chotěšov. As stated by Václav Král, CEO of MD Elektronik: „The region of Pilsen stands as a key location for our company even in the global oversight and the deepening of the cooperation confirms this fact.“

New client is a company Top Control, specializing in the field of quality control, assembling and production. With the total leased area of 2.800 sq m the company will have appropriate background for further development of cooperation with the production and contractor companies not only from the well established automotive market. The intention of being as close as possible to its business partners confirms also Tomáš Souček, Operations Manager Top Control: „Our company operates all over the country, however the region of Pilsen is currently especially important for us, therefore we made a decision to strengthen our presence in this location.“ This confirms the common trend of supply chains approximation, motivated mainly by the time and logistics efficiency.

„We are delighted to announce the succesfull cooperation with both the companies MD Elektronik and Top Control. Despite the relative unavailability of vacant premises in the location of Pilsen we achieved to negotiate favorable leasing conditions for our clients,“ underlines Martin Šumera, head of industrial agency, 108 AGENCY.

Growing interest is being registered also in the market of smaller warehousing units (CTbox etc.), offering about 400 sq m. Whereas filling of these premises took some time in the past, nowadays they stand as highly attractive commodity. Reason of the CTPark Pilsen’s success sums up Jaroslav Kaizr, Business Director CTP: „CTPark Pilsen is one of the best industrial addresses in Central Europe thanks to its excellent accessibility and developed services. Currently we are working on further expansion so we could offer new premises for our clients.“

MD Elektronik is the leading international producer in the field of data communication solutions in vehicles. It stands as a suppliers for more than 40 OEMs and its products are featured in about 200 car models. Production lines of the company, located in Chotěšov and Pilsen, supply the market since 1993 and as for 2013, the portfolio was widened by the new logistics premises in CTPark Pilsen.

Top Control is the company focused on quality controlling as well as the field of support and know-how in this segment. With more than 1.000 projects in realisation each year, its portfolio of clients include companies as Faurecia, Škoda Auto, Hella or Hitchinson.

CTPark Plzeň is one of the most sought after industrial parks in Czechia. Advantages of the park include both the great accessiblity for employees and the infrastructural connection to D5 highway. For the clients the park offer wide range of leasable units spreading from hundreds of meters to the warehouses over 20.000 sq m of storage space. Total leasable area of the park exceeds 169 000 sq m of modern warehouse premises.