NewsWeekly Ekonom’s Sustainability Rankings – apply with your ESG strategy or project!

Nominate your company’s ESG strategy or ESG sub-project for the Sustainability Economy ranking and let the world know what you are doing in the area of sustainability and social responsibility.


ESG, the three letters representing responsible corporate behaviour concerning the environment, society and risk management, is nowadays referred to not only by the business world but also by state companies, public organisations and authorities. The new phenomenon is turning economic relations upside down at first sight. It is the extent of this societal transformation that the Sustainability Economist aims to map.

Ekonom (The Economist) Sustainability Ranking is an independent assessment of companies based on a questionnaire about their sustainability strategy or project. The questionnaires permeate all three pillars of sustainability. They include questions on environmental protection, social responsibility and corporate governance.

The evaluation will be based on expert criteria. It will include field verification of the information from the questionnaires to ensure that what the company claims on the surface is actually real and not just a bunch of creative marketing. Just as the weekly Ekonom (The Economist) prides itself on independence, including financial independence, the ranking is also independent. No interests other than purely professional ones will enter into the evaluation of the questionnaires.

The winners will be selected by a jury of lawyers, economists, sustainability consultants and journalists who cover sustainability, the environment and social responsibility in their articles. In addition, a representative of the non-profit sector oversees the independence of the ranking.

Members of the jury:

  • Jan Brázda, PwC Czech Republic
  • Petr Jonák, Confederation of Industry and Transport
  • Laura Mitroliosová, CIRA Advisory
  • Martin Petříček, Weekly Ekonom Deputy Editor-in-chief
  • Taťána Plecháčková, Civil Society Development Foundation
  • Alžběta Vejvodová, Weekly Ekonom Deputy Editor-in-chief

The deadline for application is 30 April.

Nominate your company here.

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You can find more information about the Sustainability Rankings, its origins and the jury members on its website (in Czech).