NewsUnderstanding Human Mind Conference | May 18-19

The British Chamber of Commerce is a partner of the conference Understanding Human Mind. Top speakers from around the world will talk about the principles of how our minds work and the impact of this revolutionary understanding on education, business, relationships, sports and individual experience of life on the conference Understanding Human Mind, held in Prague on May 18 and 19, 2018.

The goal of the conference is fill the education gap with general knowledge about how human beings operate and how can we realize the true potential of human mind.

The conference will be translated into English and Czech.
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We use our minds in every moment of our life and everything we do: work, sports, studies, relationships, hobbies… People rarely understand the amazing gift of mind, thought and consciousness, or they completely misunderstand the way the Mind works. Schools, courses, trainings, most of psychology, or self help industry, usually focus on the outside world, to the obvious behaviours and habits, which is like picking the tip of the iceberg in order to make the iceberg shift, while what matters most happens on the inside. There is a huge gap in our education in how our psychology works, from the inside out.

By learning and realizing fundamental principles of how human beings operate people are able to achieve extraordinary results in business and sports, change their personal lives, overcome stress and challenging life circumstances, find creativity, love, wellbeing, and peace.

The inside-out understanding of mind is both simple and profound. And it is not exclusive to professionals, psychologists or coaches. It is for everyone. For children, young athletes, teenagers, parents, business people, because it is true for everyone.