NewsTwo participants of Equilibrium programme appointed as a new directors

Since 1 January 2017 the management of the joint stock company České dráhy will be reinforced by two women. Hana Eliášová will lead the Department of Strategic Financing and Zuzana Čechová the Department of Pricing. Both ladies joined some time ago the project of the British Chamber of Commerce in Czech Republic „Equilibrium 2016“ whose target is to increase the number of women in senior management of companies.

„When I joined České dráhy I noticed that there are very few women in senior managing positions. The female element could definitely be very inspiring in managing the corporation. On the other hand I can understand that the very nature of our business is not very attractive for the „gentle sex“ – in spite of that I decided to change the situation. That is why I made an agreement with the director of BCC Marcela Roche on the participation of several women from our headquarters in the project Equilibrium 2016,“ commented ČD Chairman of the Board and Director General Pavel Krtek on the involvement of female managers in the program.

Another participant of the program Blanka Havelková was already at the end of spring nominated Head of Transport Education Institute (DVI) – daughter company of ČD, a.s. providing services above all in the area of railway education. Blanka Havelková graduated from the Philosophical Faculty of Prague Charles University in the field of Pedagogy. She worked in Pedagogical Research Institute, acted as lecturer and was involved in a number of successful projects in the area of human resources management and personal development. She acted as manager of education department of ČD, a.s. for 7 years. She was also member of supervisory boards of the companies ČD travel, s.r.o., and Dopravní vzdělávací institut, a.s. Her favorite hobby is sports.