NewsThe SMILE team invites you to the fourth annual charity photography exhibition and auction SMILE

The SMILE team invites you to the fourth annual charity photography exhibition and auction SMILE. Even though the struggles of the pandemic, we have managed to continue with our work and can proudly say that this year’s exhibition will be even bigger and better than those from previous years.
With that being said, this year’s exhibition will be exceptional in many ways. With the world pandemic, it might come as no surprise that even the kids at the children’s home were negatively affected by this whole situation. Due to the isolation, many were unable to visit their friends and families; this has given rise to mental issues amongst some of the kids, increasing the children’s home expenses on individual therapy and therapeutic trips outside of the children’s home. Therefore, some of the proceeds from the auctioned photographs will be dedicated to help the children’s home with these high expenses. The rest of the proceeds will traditionally be dedicated to the educational projects of the kids.
The exhibition by itself will, again, take place on two separate dates;
  • the first exhibition will be held at Galerie Jaroslava Fragnera/POINT Gallery this year symbolically on the “World Children’s Day” on the 1st of June
  • the second at the Chamber of the Deputies of the Czech Republic on the 23rd of June 
We would love to see you at both of these events and would appreciate it if you possibly help kids during these difficult times by joining the auction ( Please follow up on this email to confirm your participation in both of these events. If you would have any other means of contributing to the auction, we would be happy for any financial support (which we would use for the printing of auctioned photographs, the printing of catalogues and framing of the photographs). In order to join the auction, you can already register for it online in advance on
Catalogue of this year’s exhibition and auction: