NewsThe Fitz Theater: Juwana Jenkins perform live & Roast Battle! Shots will be fired!

Our member The Hotel Fitzgerald invites you to attend two extraordinary events which will take place at their Fitz Theater:
  • On 18th August come and see Juwana Jenkins perform live with her band

    One of Philadelphia´s finest soul singers to perform at the Fitzgerald Theatre.
    Door opens at 6pm, show starts at 8pm.

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  • On 20th August Roast Battle! Shots will be fired!

    The battle of wits is here. Comedians from all over the world are going to roast each other with no mercy. Defamatory language is expected and encouraged, fragile souls may be broken. And egos will be shattered.
    Roast are one time only, the jokes are made JUST for this occasion and than never happen again
    You can expect three battles, three judges and it will be all held together by the roast master Erik Beckett!
    Line-up: TBA

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