NewsThe English College in Prague: Welcome back and Good Luck, students!

As we start the new academic year, the English College in Prague is looking forward to welcoming our students back to school. Especially welcome are the new students joining us for the first time to begin their journey to the IB Diploma.

But September is also a time to think about this year’s graduates as they prepare to begin their university studies.

IB Results

This summer’s IB results were our best ever. All ECP students are able to sit the IB exams, not just those most likely to do well. This is what happens in some schools where only the top students can take the IB with the majority sitting only the Maturita. So for us to achieve an overall average of 37 out of a total of 45 (Compared to the world average of 30.24) across all 71 students in the year really is outstanding.

Huge congratulations to all our graduates and their teachers on this amazing achievement. We are also delighted that three students scored the maximum 45 points. Only 179 students throughout the whole world, out of the nearly 180,000 who took the IB Diploma this year, achieved this exceptional feat.

Studying the exhibits at the Ashmolean Museum during the Oxford trip


Off to University!

So ECP graduates are now heading off to some of the most prestigious universities around the world. One of them is Dmitry Cheremisin who will be studying Economics at the University of Cambridge. Every year, the English College always sends at least one student to Oxford or Cambridge. This is partly as a result of the additional work we do throughout their school careers to help those who want to study there.

The Oxford Experience

This starts with Year 4 students when we organise a trip to Oxford, led by Deputy Head Laurence Baxter. Laurence comes from Oxford and has himself studied at the University. We were very grateful to four of our graduates for joining us in the grand surroundings of the Oxford Town Hall’s Council Chamber They led a session about studying and working in Oxford and the UK. We were also delighted to be joined by Councillor Ed Turner, Deputy Leader of Oxford City Council.

One of the ECP graduates who joined us was Filip Němeček. Filip first studied Geography at St Andrew’s University in Scotland. He then moved to Oxford University to take his Master’s, where he is now studying for a PhD.


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