NewsThe English College in Prague is honoured to welcome Dr Goodall to Vysočany: Famed ethologist Jane Goodall to visit Prague

The renowned ethologist and conservationist Jane Goodall is visiting Prague this week. On Thursday Dr Jane Goodall, DBE will be giving a lecture to students of the English College in Prague and we are grateful to Prague 9 Council Office, for allowing us to hold this very special event in Prague 9 Town Hall.

Students from Open Gate, Gymnázium Evolution, Gymnázium Duhovka, representatives from The Montessori School and ZŠ Mikoláše Alše Suchdol have accepted our invitation and will join students from the English College. The Mucha Foundation has kindly donated a special gift to present to Dr Goodall.

We are very pleased  that Dr Goodall’s lecture follows ECP’s Earth Focus week, which highlighted the theme of our School Year, The Earth. The Dr Jane Goodall Prize for Environmental Systems and Societies will also be awarded for the first time at the College’s Graduation Ceremony at Bethlehem Chapel at the end of May.

Dr Goodall, who recently celebrated her 90th birthday, is best known for her groundbreaking work with chimpanzees in Tanzania’s Gombe Stream National Park. Her pioneering research on the social and familial behaviour of these primates revolutionised our understanding of their intelligence, emotions, and relationships, challenging long-held scientific beliefs. Dr Goodall is the Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute & a UN Messenger of Peace. Throughout her distinguished career, she has been a tireless advocate for wildlife conservation and environmental protection, also founding  Roots & Shoots programme to empower and inspire the next generation of conservation leaders. She has been the subject of numerous documentaries, including 2017’s Jane, now streaming on Disney+.

Photographed by LJ Garcia