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Establishment of the British Chamber of Commerce Sustainability Working Group

Asking our members to join!

Society and the economy are constantly changing, and the coronavirus pandemic has further accelerated the current situation. Many companies see the restart of the economy as a new opportunity and we perceive it similarly. Values ​​such as responsibility and sustainable growth have long been the topics of the BCC, and, in light of the feedback from our members, the Board of Directors of the Chamber has decided to establish the Sustainability Working Group.

With the UK chairing the UN Climate Change Conference in November, sustainable growth and the search for renewables are some of the key themes of British policy. At the same time, we know that many of our members have already included sustainability ideas such as circular economy, green finance, race to zero, waste management, or green energy in their business strategy. These are also other reasons why we have decided to establish the Sustainability Working Group.

Joining this working group will bring you an opportunity to share your knowledge with other companies and, of course, the maximum support that BCC can provide. As a member of the Working Group, you will be able to decide on specific topics that the BCC will grapple with in the given area and how it can support your business.

The goals are to give advice, provide information and organise various events and happenings to encourage BCC members organisations to reflect on and deal with sustainability. Further it is a means to facilitate the implementation of sustainability in their companies, offices, and everyday life. We also aspire to build a bridge between us, other networks, and initiatives active in the field of sustainability.

The first meeting of the working group has been set for the tail end of September and beginning of October. Future meetings of the working group will be held at regular intervals.  The working group will be chaired by Petr Karel, Vice Chairman of the BCC Board.

You can fill in the application for the working group here

In case of any further questions, you can contact Pavel Fara (, who will be coordinating the group’s meetings.