NewsThe British Chamber of Commerce Czech Republic announces Guy St. John Barker as newly elected Chairman of the Board of Directors

Mr. Barker assumed the role of Chairman on 21 October 2020, taking over from Lukáš Ševčík, who served as Chairman from 2012 until now and will remain as a member of the Board of Directors. Guy is the Principal and founding partner of Arcona Capital Group and has previously served in leadership positions at Knight Frank Germany, Hypovereinsbank, and Invesco Real Estate Europe. Mr. Barker is highly experienced in operating within an international environment, both on a social and professional level.

Guy Barker, Chairman of the BCC Board of Directors

Guy Barker says, “The British Chamber has a fine record in representing the interests of British businesses in the Czech Republic and promoting our values of fairness, probity and transparency in the local environment. The Chamber is also fortunate in the quality and dedication of its staff and in the long-term support it receives from its sponsors and core membership. To follow on from Lukáš´s successful term as Chairman, I am keen to build on these positives, to help to expand the membership, to deepen our co-operation with other Chambers  (particularly from the Commonwealth) and to broaden our activities in the cultural and entertainment spheres. This programme will also give us a justification for more parties, which sounds good to me.”

Guy is a native Englishman and has been a permanent resident in the Czech Republic for more than ten years now. Having operated cross-border financial services throughout Northern Europe, he has the experience and enthusiasm for the quality and uniqueness of what Great Britain can offer in these fields, as well the relevant understanding of the opportunities and challenges involved.

Marcela Černochová, BCC Managing Director, says “I would like to thank the former Chairman Lukáš Ševčík very much for the excellent work he has done for the Chamber. A great deal of credit goes to him for elevating the profile and activities of this organisation. I am therefore very grateful that he will remain as a member of the Board of Directors. At the same time, I would like to congratulate Guy Barker on being elected as Chairman and look forward to our cooperation; his great experience, leadership skills, enthusiasm and creativity will contribute to strengthening the Chamber’s position in the greater business community.”

Guy Barker was elected as Chairman at the Board meeting which was held on 21 October 2020. Mr. Petr Karel and Mrs. Eva Shaw were re-elected as Vice-Chairman and Vice-Chairwoman, respectively, and Mr. Chris Garlick will continue to hold the position of Treasurer.