NewsThe BCC is looking for new colleagues who will support our trade team

We are hiring! The BCC is looking for a new colleagues who will support our trade team. Apply for the work position of Senior Trade Adviser or Information Desk Administrator.

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The British Chamber of Commerce (BCC) promotes the interests of its member- companies on both the Czech and international markets. With a platform of more than 200 members and 50+ networking events, educational seminars, and other social events on offer each year, the BCC is one of the strongest international chambers of commerce in the country. We are located in the Florentinum building, a prestigious and highly representative office complex situated in the heart of Prague’s business district.

The BCC is comprised of a team of 8 employees, each of whom is responsible and accountable for his/her own role on the team. Working for the BCC not only means being exposed to a dynamic and diverse work environment and a variety of tasks, but also being directly involved on an ongoing basis and having the opportunity to have a meaningful impact on the country’s highest level of trade and commerce. Members of our team are in daily contact with some of the most powerful business leaders, politicians and other well- known public figures.