NewsThe Art of Etiquette In & Out of the Workplace

On December 12, the British Chamber of Commerce had the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Rene Beauchamp, Ex-General Manager of Four Seasons Hotel Prague who presented a workshop on Etiquette in & out of the workplace to several of the BCC members.

The workshop Mr. Beauchamp presented is part of a full program on Emotional Intelligence which provided insights on some of the most important leadership skills, yet, very seldom talked about or taught at any school.

In today’s work environment, where human contact has often taken a secondary role, in lieu of technology, communication is more important than before.  With the goal to create awareness and provide tips on how to connect with people, how leaders should communicate and behave in and out of the workplace.

With over 42 years of Hospitality experience, focusing on luxury and high quality service, Rene Beauchamp was General Manager at The Four Seasons Hotel in Prague for 15 years and was 39 years with Four Seasons Hotels.  Having travelled the world for his work, he had the opportunity to deal with people from all walks of life.  He is delighted to share some his interesting experiences and learnings with humour and enthusiasm.

Several other workshops are also available, created and written based on his important experience.

You may contact Rene Beauchamp at