NewsSurvey for expats living in the Czech Republic

HSBC is running a global survey, called Expat Explorer, in which people living and working outside of their motherland, so called expats, are asked about living conditions in places where they are based. The aim of this survey is to create a rank list of countries offering the best conditions for foreigners to live and work, looking at various aspects, incl. economic, social and family-related.

The survey is conducted on an annual basis. In 2017 over 27,500 respondents from 159 countries and territories shared their opinions, pointing at Singapore, Norway and New Zealand as the best expat destinations. The Czech Republic was ranked 12th in 46 countries included in the Expat Explorer league table. If you’re interested to see the full ranking and other finding from last year’s survey, click here.

We would like Czech to be presented also in this year’s rank list and would like to kindly invite you to take part in this year’s edition of survey. The survey is run in the form of an anonymous online questionnaire, in English, and it takes 10-12 minutes to complete it. You’ll find the link to this online questionnaire below. The survey remains open until 3 April 2018.

I’d like to encourage you to share your opinion about living and working conditions in the Czech Republic. I you can think of any individuals in your network who could also share their views (about Czech or any other expat destinations), we would be most grateful for forwarding the information about the survey – it’s open to all expats.

Once the data collected within this survey is analysed, a summary report will be prepared and I’ll be happy to make it available to you if you’re interested to know the findings from the survey. The full report should be ready in autumn 2018 and should provide some interesting insights for you about what other expats think of the country you live in as well as of other geographies. Perhaps it will be useful for you in looking for your next career destination.