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Open Society Fund Prague is a Czech foundation with a 30-year history. Their mission is to nurture democracy in the Czech Republic. They support and educate civil society and encourage the state to develop into a place where everyone has equal chances and participates in various activities in their surroundings. The OSF Prague opens up sensitive and neglected topics, and together with donors, they seek trailblazers who will carry them forward. Over the last 30 years, they have supported more than 10,000 projects done by Czech non-profit organisations and individuals with more than 2 billion Czech crowns.

Open Society Fund Prague helps everywhere

Map of the places where the Open Society Fund Prague helps

The OSF Prague is a leader among Czech foundations.

They cooperate with private philanthropists, take care of their donations and fulfil a common vision. They have Investment Policy experts who help them manage their finances efficiently.

They strengthen civil society organisations – non-profits, institutions, associations, and public libraries. They support them financially, with expertise and on a community level. By working together with them, they are helping to cultivate a Czech society where everyone has equal chances and every voice is heard.

The OSF Prague focuses its own programming activities on raising the visibility of topics that would otherwise be kept under wraps and establishing unique programs, and creating a stable basis for them so that they can subsequently become independent and grow. They bring inspiration from abroad and come up with innovative solutions.

Some of OSF Prague’s events and awards won:


It might seem that supporting an engaged society and democracy is boring, because it is already here and it doesn’t have to change. But to sustain it, it needs to be nourished. That’s why I support the OSF Prague, which is focused on making a long-term positive impact.”
Vít Horký, startup investor, Czech Founders


Support the strengthening of democracy in the Czech Republic:

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