NewsSupport an important cause with our member Sue Ryder

We at the BCC believe that no one should feel alone during old age, and that everyone should live with dignity until the end. That is why we decided to support one of our members Domov Sue Ryder which helps older people and their families when the circumstances of ageing may seem difficult.
Please join us and support Sue Ryder.
You can choose one of following options:
You can either donate here and help not only Mrs. Vlasta, but also other seniors, who need advice right now, help at home or end-of-life care and support.
Or you can buy a lovely electronic PF designed and personalised right for your company.
The PF will help finance free counselling for seniors all over the Czech Republic. Order your Pf and join the idea of togetherness and the path to a dignified end of life.
Ageing isn’t a stroll through a rose garden but thanks to you, the old persons‘ world will blossom.