NewsSue Ryder Charity Cup: the battle for the crystal cup and dignified old age

Another year of the charity tournament in five-a-side football takes place at Strahov on September 12, 2019. The event is organized by Sue Ryder, a non-for-profit organization, which has been striving for 21 years for dignified ageing in this country.  Regularly in the late summer Due Ryder is joined by 30 companies to play with it. Although the crystal cup is taken only by the winner, a medal for charity is deserved by all.


The eleven-year old history of this event has been written by more than 80 football teams coming from various sectors. A company pays the participation fee and sends its employees to relax their heads and legs on the pitches of Strahov. Every year this tournament brings a significant help to the Sue Ryder clients. This year the financial amount is getting near to Kč 900 000 !



„Supporting seniors should be a common interest in a modern society. They are people who worked in the past for our generation. They really deserve decent care and comfort when they reach old age. We – the active players and the club – support former Sparta players through the ACS foundation. And it should be done likewise in the whole society. Therefore, it is right to support Sue Ryder“, says Bořek Dočkal of Sparta Prague. So the support by Sparta, the participation of 30 companies, and the goals scored at Strahov, will transform into help for old people at their homes, accommodation services, hospice care and free consulting for a broad general public. All these services are provided by Sue Ryder.


The Sue Ryder Charity Cup has been taking place regularly since 2009 at the Football Centre Strahov thanks to the support by the general partner AC Sparta Praha fotbal, a.s., under the auspices of the British Chamber of Commerce  in the Czech Republic.


The teams of the 11thyear of the Sue Ryder Charity Cup:

  1. Nadace Kooperativa
  2. Česká podnikatelská pojišťovna
  3. Ernst & Young
  4. CeWe Color
  5. ČSOB
  6. MultiSport Benefit
  7. Česká spořitelna
  8. Tekro
  9. Wűrth
  10. Poštovní spořitelna
  11. Software602
  12. KPMG
  13. Tefos Slaný
  14. Rödl & Partner
  15. Volkswagen Financial Services
  16. Sodexo Pass Česká republika
  17. Fotbalová asociace České republiky
  18. ČEZ
  19. Livesport
  20. Citibank Europe
  21. Deloitte Advisory
  22. Magistrát hlavního města Praha
  23. Generali Pojišťovna
  24. HSBC
  25. Ricardo
  26. OrtBul
  27. Adera
  28. Partners
  30. Česká pošta


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