BCC Member SOME LIKE IT CZECH invites you to their screening of the Czech film Želary.

We are warmly inviting you to the 5th screening of SOME LIKE IT CZECH. This time you can look forward to one of the most interesting movies of the previous decade called ŽELARY, a film that was NOMINATED FOR THE ACADEMY AWARD in 2004.

WHEN: 16th of February

WHERE: Cinema Aero


It’s is a story of a pure love and a celebration of our roots. A story about  happiness in the darkest of times.

Get lost in the captivating mountain place, where nature still rules over human life. Finally fall in love with the right person and live like it’s the 1800 although it’s not. It’s 1940 and Nazis are occupying the lands. Life is tough and so are the people.

The screening will be introduced by Julia Ruth Worland who will share  with you her thoughts about the context of the movie and describe the dangerous times of World War II in Czechoslovakia. She will also touch upon the famous land of Žítkovás goddesses, where the story is set and where witches aren’t just a kid’s imagination.

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