NewsSHL Learning: Personality and Ability Assessment Program

Enhance the value of talent assessments through targeted learning and expert support

Finding the right talent is a major priority for hiring managers and business leaders alike. Effective use of objective talent assessments enables recruiters to make data-driven decisions and improves the quality of hire. However, some assessment users could misinterpret the findings or use the assessments incorrectly. This misuse diminishes the potential benefits that assessments bring to the organization, which ultimately hurts business performance.

To be successful, the best companies enable their recruiters and hiring managers to

use and understand assessments effectively to ensure they get the most value from their talent assessment investments.

Why should I attend?

This program is for those who use ability tests and personality questionnaires in the selection, management, and development of employees, including HR professionals, recruiters, and training and management development specialists.

Participants will be equipped to:

  • Evaluate and select appropriate ability tests;
  • Administer, score, interpret, and provide feedback on ability tests;
  • Understand how to apply SHL OPQ in selection, development and team building;
  • Implement best practice assessment processes;
  • Link SHL OPQ to the competencies key to business success.
  • Register with the British Psychological Society (BPS) as a certified user of ability and personality instruments*
  • Access to the free OPQ Practitioner follow-up workshop with focus on using the OPQ for development

* Successful completion of all course elements required

Organizational Information:

Date: 10.-11.6.2020 (for an online version the time schedule might be adjusted)
Venue: Opero, Salvátorská 931/8, Praha 1 (depending on a current covid-19 situation on-line version possible)
Price: CZK 55 000 CZK without VAT