NewsRenishaw is looking for the best Czechoslovak inventor

Renishaw, the world’s leading engineering and scientific technology company, has launched a new educational campaign and  poll called the Czech Inventor,  in cooperation with the Technický týdeník weekly magazine. The project maps Czech and Slovak inventions throughout their common history. The goal is obvious – to find the most significant Czechoslovak inventor.

The project Czech Inventor aims to raise awareness of Czechoslovak skill and inventiveness, especially in 2018. “This year we are remembering one hundred years since the founding of the republic and we want to focus on the Czechoslovak spirit and intelligence. Personalities whose creations, whether large or small, have made life better and easier, “says Josef Sláma, project initiator and Renishaw’s director.

“We want to introduce the names of the important technicians whom we think have played a key role in the development of Czech and Slovak industries. Therefore, we would be  pleased if the public was involved in the selection. We hope this will help us complete the list of innovators as well as other names that may have fallen in the course of history or, on the other hand, have not yet come to the public’s attention. The culmination of the entire project will be a vote for “The Most Significant Czechoslovak Inventor, “adds Josef Sláma.

All information is described in a simple form at, where the public will find a clear list of already selected names and a simple voting form. Again, Renishaw urge the public to add a name to the list if it does not appear there already. “Many small improvers could escape our attention. The project is a celebration of Czech inventiveness, and the more people we find, the better. At the same time, I believe it is good to recall how many interesting inventions come from the period of Czechoslovakia or the monarchy. We hope to inform  the public  about our rich history, “concludes Josef Sláma. The Czech Inventor’s poll has officially launched and the results will be known by the end of September 2018. The official announcement of the results is planned at the International Engineering Fair in Brno.

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