The BCC’s volunteering programme connects the profit and non-profit sectors within our membership network. Are you a for-profit company looking to expand your Corporate Social Responsibility activities? Let our programme match you with a non-profit organisation that can benefit from your skills.

Find your inner volunteer!

Many of our non-profit organisations need soft skills help from a professional in areas such as marketing, accounting, design and management. In other cases, they are looking for manual work from a team of volunteers. Whatever the specific needs of our non-profit members, our programme operates on the principle that both parties benefit from volunteering activities.

The mission of the BCC’s volunteering program is

To facilitate CSR activities among our for-profit members

To increase the visibility of our non-profit members

To create long-term, mutually beneficial volunteering partnerships between BCC members

Who can participate in the programme?

All BCC members can become volunteers. Non-profit BCC members are eligible to receive volunteers.

Not a BCC member? Join today!

Your help can make a difference.



We are currently seeking volunteers for:

shield  Portus Praha

Manual help needed!

Deconstruction the brick wall for the event

Number of volunteers: a team of 5 – 10 volunteers

Time frame: 4 hours – 1 day

Date: September 16, 2018, 20.00 – 24.00

Location: Na Příkopě street, Praha 1

Manual help needed!

Gardening, manual work in reconstruction projects (eg. dismantling of paving; housework in sheltered housing – cleaning windows etc.).

Number of volunteers: a team of 2 – 16 volunteers

Time frame: 6 hours – 1 day

Date: Subject to the mutual agreement

Location: Slapy nad Vltavou 74 or Davle


shield   Salvation Army

Consulting and advisory: Marketing, Project management

Salvation Army team is looking for a volunteer(s) who would help them to create a marketing campaign for addressing individual donors and companies for the purchase of „Ambulance“.

The Salvation Army would like to operate a bigger truck – “Ambulance“, which could provide first aid so called Street medicine to homeless people on the street. This would be an off-road vehicle, which would be equipped with basic medical equipment and medicines. They need to fundraise 3x 1 million CZK for the car and its equipment.

Number of volunteers: 1 – 3

Time frame: long term cooperation, 12 months

Frequency of meetings: ideally weekly – combination of personal, electronic and phone communication.

Consulting and Advisory: Company Fundraising

Salvation Army team is looking for a fundraising consultant(s) who would help them to address companies with specific campaigns and who would also set a strategy for the company fundraising in the fall 2016.

Number of volunteers: 1 – 3

Time frame: 6 months (depending on the availability of volunteers)

Frequency of meetings: ideally weekly – combination of personal, phone and electronic communication.


shield   Domov Sue Ryder Praha

Individual approach


shield   The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

The young DofE team is seeking further knowledge and training!

Therefore a workshop on Team Leadership, Social Media & PR, English Correspondence, or English Conversation is wanted.

Are you a personal coach? PR expert? English lecturer? Or just a native speaker who is willing to give a little bit of your free time to support a non profit organisation? Let’s hook up!

Number of volunteers: 1 – 3+

Time frame: Long term cooperation starting in autumn 2016

Frequency of meetings: Upon the mutual agreement, once in 3 – 6 months for 4 – 8 hours.

Consulting and Advisory: Marketing / on-line marketing / PR / Communication

DofE team is looking for an expert volunteer(s) who would help them to create an on-line marketing campaign and put that into operation.

The international award has to share many interesting stories of young people who took part in the program, which could be used in the marketing campaign. Bring DofE activities closer to the public and media and also use it as a fundraising tool.

Number of volunteers: 1-3

Time frame: From November 2016 onwards (long term cooperation)

Frequency of meetings: Upon the mutual agreement, min. 1x in a month for 1-3 hours, combination of personal, phone and virtual communication.


shield   Diaconia ECCB – Centre of Relief and Development

Lawyer? Law student? Intern? Welcome!

Organising events, renting spaces, receiving contributions is always underlaid by contracts and administrative work. These contracts need to be reviewed and commented. Suggestions for the new ones are welcome too.

Are you a lawyer? Law student / intern? A law firm collective who wishes to spend a mutual time together helping a non profit organisations? Now it is time to get involved!

Manual help / Work with clients / Specialised work

Diaconia team is looking for volunteers who would help them with various events/activities/works. 

Number of volunteers: according to specific work

Time frame: 2017

Location: Czech Republic

Further information and requirements: To get more information about specific works being organised, please contact either the specific person in each centre or download the brochure with offers here.

Region Centre Contact
Praha SKP


Věra Víchová,,

777 734 172

Diakonie Praha


Monika Halámková,,

773 557 731

Diakonie Zvonek


Kevin Leňo,,

739 545 994

Středisko celostátních programů a služeb – Středisko pro zrakově postižené


Jana Červeňáková,,

732 324 956

Středisko humanitární a rozvojové spolupráce


Michaela Stachová,,

730 182 571

Speciální škola Praha 4


Milan Černý,,

774 417 938

Středočeský Speciální škola Čáslav


Jitka Richterová,,

723 966 300

Diakonie Střední Čechy


Pavlína Rumanová,,

 734 516 734

Ústecký Diakonie Litoměřice


Zuzana Hájková,,

739 244 842

Plzeňský Diakonie Západ – stacionář Človíček Plzeň


Martin Friš,,

732 307 845

Diakonie Západ – stacionář Soběkury


Eliška Cibulková,,

773 683 189

Diakonie Západ, Plzeň


Libor Janíček,,

604 761 460

Jihočeský Diakonie Písek


Blanka Tejkalová,,

739 343 709

Vysočina Diakonie Myslibořice


Blanka Veselská, projekty@domovmysliborice,

568 834 955

Jihomoravský Diakonie Betlém Klobouky u Brna


Jan Gavlík,,

777 936 578

Zlínský Hospic Citadela Valašské Meziříčí


Ruth Kopecká,,

605 518 212

Diakonie Vsetín


Kateřina Surá,,

739 244 872

Olomoucký Diakonie Sobotín


Jana Dvořáčková,,

777 108 419

Moravskoslezský Diakonie Ostrava


Martin Bittner,,

731 459 689

Praha/ ústředí ( Mutlová,


shield  The Friends of Czech Heritage

Corporate teambuilding initiative – Manual help needed : Restoration of the renowned landscape garden at Krasny Dvur.

The Friends of Czech Heritage and the National Heritage Institute are looking to cooperate with a BCC corporate member to provide a team building initiative to help restore the landscape garden.

Number of volunteers: 8 or by agreement.

Time frame: Saturday 14thSeptember to Saturday 21stSeptember 2019

Location: Krásný Dvůr, Czech Republic

Further information and requirements: Participants will be picked up at Prague Airport and will travel by minibus to Krásný Dvůr. Contact Peter Jamieson at info@czechfriends.netor


shield Nadace Partnerství

Consulting and Advisory: Marketing / personal management / PR

Team of Nadace Partnerství is looking for volunteers who would support them at various areas. The assistance would include training and consultations, personal management skills and mentoring of organisational structure. The team would welcome 1 – 2 volunteers from January 2017!

Number of volunteers: 1 – 2

Time frame: 3 – 6 months (length of individual work 1 – 2 hours)

Location: Brno

Manual help needed!

Team of Nadace Partnerství is looking for volunteers who would support them at various activities. The assistance would include debarking of trees, finishing of playground structure, preparation of fence for sheeps, etc. The team would welcome about 6 volunteers!

Number of volunteers: 6

Time frame: 4 – 6 hours / 1 day

Location: Brno, Údolní 33