We are looking for both women and men who have relevant leadership experience (either business or civic) while being willing to act as a mentor via supporting and encouraging their mentees to achieve their career goals and desires.

As a mentor, you must be prepared to meet with your mentee once a month for around 2 hours, to attend approximately three joint sessions and number of workshops or other meetings throughout the year.

Mentors should be able to demonstrate that they possess the experience necessary for acting as an effective business mentor. Priority will be given to people who have either served as a member of a board of directors or those with a strong entrepreneurial background. Previous mentoring experience is also an advantage, nevertheless, it is certainly not a requirement. On the other hand, passion, commitment and willingness to help your mentee are mandatory.

Mentors will be asked to provide the APPLICATION FORM alongside their CVONE CURRENT PHOTO and a description of what areas they feel they could most contribute to. In addition, we would like the candidates to RESPOND TO FOUR OF OUR  QUESTIONS:


  • How would you describe your ideal mentee?


  • What is the field/expertise where your experience can contribute the most? (Please be very specific in terms of your skills in specific sectors i.e. finance, marketing, hotel, HR, leadership…)


  • What stands behind your motivation to join the Equilibrium programme?


  • In case you are not based in Prague and we could not find the right match for you in your region – would it be possible for you to travel to Prague to attend the sessions with your mentee?


Applications for the 10th edition of Equilibrium in 2020 are now open.




Please send the documents to Tereza Čáňová, Equilibrium mentoring programme coordinator.