NewsThe Mentoring Programme DoToho! is back for its 2nd Round

We would like to draw your attention to the Successful program, DoToho! In the first round, more than 120 companies used the platform, which closely connects successful Czech business people with the leaders of small and medium-sized companies, for their restart.

DoToho! is a platform for small and medium-sized enterprises, which aims to help companies innovate their business models and at the same time start a new era of support from within the business community. The platform brings together top Czech entrepreneurs who will help companies as mentors and experts to work on themselves and use the crisis as an opportunity. Thanks to the support of partners, the program is completely free.

The program is intended for owners or managers whose company has a turnover of 3 to 300 million crowns and at least three employees. The program includes individual mentoring meetings, workshops, lectures, but also a digital library full of inspiration and practical experience.

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The program was put together by leading Czech organizations and companies and is organized by the Prague business club Opero and the Prague Innovation Institute. The platform partners are Česká spořitelna, Google, Pražská energetika, ABRA Software, Havel & Partners, Arbol Capital and hl. city ​​Prague. Mayor Zdeněk Hřib took over the patronage of the platform.