NewsWONDERFUL MIDLIFE PREMIUM programme – autumn 2023

Principal Coaching s.r.o. offers for BCC members: WONDERFUL MIDLIFE PREMIUM program – autumn 2023
Reduced price for BCC members with BMP-PRINCIPAL-4453 
Midlife becomes the longest period of our lives. Are we ready for it?
It’s the start of the second half, when we have more time for ourselves and the people and activities we really love.

At the same time, it is a period of breakthroughs, searching, difficult situations and topics that we have often not encountered before. Everyone goes through it. Which way do we come out of it and how we look at the next life, however is very much up to each of us.

A 12-week program combining individual online development with meeting interesting guests and sharing inspiration with a group of midlifers.
The programme is conducted in Czech. Please register at: Báječný Midlife Premium
Price: 14 990 CZK plus VAT
Here is Eva’ unique code that reduces the price of the program for BCC members by 3000 CZK (just enter it in the last step of registration): BMP-PRINCIPAL-4453