NewsPick the Act of Year! The 14th year of Deloitte Legal’s survey has started

Pick your favourite act of 2022 in this Deloitte Legal survey!
The British Chamber of Commerce is honoured to be a partner of the 14th year of The Act of Year, and we invite our members to join and vote in this survey.

We care about the environment in which we live and conduct business. That’s why you can pick from the following acts:

  • CSRD: Take off the green blindfold (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive)
  • Speeding up the permitting process for the construction of photovoltaic systems (Regulation establishing a framework for accelerating the deployment of renewable energy)
  • Transparent ranking of posts in search engines (Digital Services Regulation)
  • Removing administrative and tax obstacles for providing assistance to Ukraine and the Ukrainian refugees from the war (Act on tax measures in connection with the conflict in Ukraine)
  • Road tax changes and tax support for the use of low-emission cars (Amendment to the Road Tax Act and the Income Tax Act)

Vote on the best legislation that positively impacts business in the Czech Republic!

Further information about the acts and the voting form is here.