NewsOpesFidelio Wins Coveted International Investment Award

OpesFidelio advisory network, run by Aisa International, has been recognized by International Investment in their 2023 annual financial advisor awards, in these categories:

  • Winner: Excellence in Advisory Best Practice, Region: Rest of World
  • Highly Commended: Excellence in Advisory Best Practice, Global Overall
  • Highly Commended: Excellence in Fintech (Advisors)

This is the fifth year in a row, out of six, that OpesFidelio has won coveted awards in a range of business specialisms,” said Max Durrant, OpesFidelio Executive Director. “We are particularly proud to be acknowledged as runner-up for Global Overall Advisory Best Practice, following the huge achievement last year of Best Adviser Firm Europe in 2022“.

We embrace these awards as recognition of the highly personalized service and global knowledge our clients receive from our professionals. The awards should also demonstrate the extraordinary expertise of, and opportunities available for, top-tier independent financial advisors within OpesFidelio’s network.