NewsOlga Kaizar is a new partner of Deloitte Legal

Attorney-at-law Olga Kaizar has become a new local partner of Deloitte Legal. In her new position, she will be expanding the use of new technologies in the legal aspects of real estate.

 “We draw inspiration from other markets and technological areas of business. Our vision of real estate transactions and services is becoming increasingly linked to the implementation of new technologies, which can enable us to provide legal services to a wider market and not only to major players“, commented Olga Kaizar and added:

“We apply a personal and specialist approach to large real estate clients with the maximum possible service, allowing us to combine legal, tax and financial advisory, real estate agent services and often specialised consultancy as well.“

Olga Kaizar has 18 years of experience from the legal sector, primarily in providing legal services to both local and international clients and in managing comprehensive real estate transactions and development projects. These also involve M&A transactions, related bank financing, restructuring and insolvency law. She has been the head of the Deloitte Legal Real Estate team for the last two years.