NewsMent2Grow Participant Rekenber Has Been Funded 12 Million Crowns by Ceska Sporitelna to Help Implement Insolvency Software

The BCC are proud to announce that Rekenber, which was mentored through the Ment2Grow programme by Petr Karel, BCC Board Vice Chairman, has become a successful start-up company whose software has been implemented by Česká Spořitelna.

Banks could soon improve estimates of whether or not their clients will manage to repay loans or mortgages. Rekenber wants to help fix this problem, whose software is now being tested by Česká spořitelna. They invested in the project through their start-up support programme Seed Starter. For 12 million crowns Ceska Sporitelna will get one-fifth of the company share.

The start-up will allow them to analyse insolvency data and accordingly create models of risk factors and situations. Based on this data, the company’s software then calculates how big the risk that the client may cease to repay is.

Over the next year, Rekenber plans to launch a system that will guide debtors through the debt relief process. The company will be able to calculate how big a chance customers have on debt relief and help provide people with legal support.

Rekenber founders Peter Zvirinský (left) and Bohdan Hemžal (right) received millions from Česká spořitelna’s Seed Starter programme. In the middle, Seed Starter manager Jiří Skopový.

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