NewsMarta Fišnerová named new JŠK partner

JŠK is pleased to announce that attorney Marta Fišnerová became the firm’s fifth partner in January of this year.

“Marta has been with us for fifteen years and few deserve a partnership position as much as she does,” said JŠK partner Eva Nováková. “Together, we have achieved amazing results in working for the financial sector, especially insurance companies. So far we have continued to enjoy it and we have plenty of other plans. I am looking forward to implementing them.”

Marta started her career at JŠK as a junior lawyer and had focused on a number of areas, mainly in the insurance industry. In recent years, however, she has begun specialising in litigation. Along with the team she leads, she has achieved outstanding long-term success in the most complex cases in the construction, logistics, energy and IT sectors.

“We have a wonderful team of passionate lawyers with whom it’s a joy to work,” Marta said. “In my new position I will focus on expanding our litigation practice into new segments. Of course, I will continue to devote myself to current clients with the maximum dedication and care they are accustomed to, but I would also like to show other clients that they can like their lawyer.”

Marta graduated from the Faculty of Law of Masaryk University in Brno. Two years after her studies she worked as a lawyer at the Kooperativa insurance company before joining JŠK in June 2005.