NewsM2C offers various contactless temperature measurement solutions for all types of objects

As a precautionary measure that can currently affect your business, we offer solutions for mass non-contact temperature measurement. This solution is efficient and safe because smart technology does the job instead of your employees. It can be used for example in warehouses, industrial areas, shopping centers, hospitals and other buildings with a higher concentration of people in one place.

Solution for mass noncontact temperature measurement

  • Automatic measurement of the temperature of persons entering the building
  • Measurement accuracy of systems and sets offered by us from 0,3°C
  • Automatic detection, alarms, statistics, remote access with the possibility of connection to M2C Space

Fixed temperature measurement of persons entering the premises using a thermal camera and a blackbody (reference point) with an accuracy of + – 0.3° C over a distance of up to 5 meters.
We offer a dual temperature measurement solution, where we read face temperature and eye temperature in parallel. This achieves high accuracy while minimizing external temperature effects.

Fixed temperature measurement of persons without reference point using thermal camera with accuracy + -0.5 ° C.

Handheld temperature measuring systems with thermal camera with an accuracy of + – 0,5 ° C.
We would like to develop you design of system and solution to your building and requirements.

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