NewsJohn James McVeigh Strengthens Deloitte Legal Business Development in Central Europe

Deloitte appoints John James McVeigh as Deloitte Legal CE Business Development Manager. He will be responsible for strengthening business development in 19 Central European countries.

Mr. McVeigh joins Deloitte from the Nixedonia consulting firm, a group he founded and which has been providing much sought after business development services for many of the region’s leading law firms for many years, including Deloitte Legal CE. Prior to Nixedonia, he practiced with the international law firm DLA Piper.

“I came to appreciate the amazing strength and capabilities of Deloitte Legal when it was my client, and I look forward to building upon its success as a full-time, dedicated member of the team”, said John James McVeigh. He added: “The ability of every one of our lawyers and staff to effectively understand the business and objectives of our clients and to respond to them with relevant, timely and holistic solutions on a 24/7 basis distinguishes Deloitte Legal, and I am confident that having an inside role will help me better assure those ends. I am particularly delighted that I am charged with assisting the entire team, from our most senior to our most junior members. That kind of internal commitment to people is unusual and translates into real client value, as well.”

Although based in Prague, John James McVeigh’s duties will extend throughout Deloitte Legal’s extensive Central European footprint. He will play a key role in each office.

“Our diverse group of lawyers are distinctive from those of traditional law firms in that they are an integral part of a regional and worldwide Deloitte bundled, technology-enhanced service offering that focuses on an intensely client-centric delivery,” added Ron Given, CE Senior Legal Counsel for Deloitte Legal. He continued: “Our impressive growth and recognition within the business and professional communities confirm we are on the leading edge and the continued additions of talent like John James McVeigh, who is not only an experienced lawyer but a seasoned business development executive, will surely help keep us there.”