NewsJKF Diplomat Gym celebrates its first anniversary!

The Diplomat Gym by JKF is celebrating its first year of operations next month, after opening in October 2021 on the penthouse floor of the Vienna House Diplomat Hotel.

Since the grand opening, the luxury fitness center has seen its family grow steadily toward 150 client-members, many of whom are from top businesses around Prague and are offered bespoke workouts and attention to health issues by the Diplomat’s staff of experienced trainers.

The Diplomat is the sister facility to the Individual Gym on Na Pořiči street in the center of the Czech Capital and both operate under the management of Jan Kareš Fitness s.r.o., with training programs led by Jan and partner, Vladimir Korbel.

The Jan Kareš business model differs from rival chains which have mushroomed across Prague in recent years and rely on bulk, low-cost membership and employee-benefit Multisport cards to help finance quick expansion.

Now is the time to join the exclusive and growing Diplomat Gym family and learn tips how to live a healthier life, move more freely and feel fitter every day. Make it a New Year’s commitment before the New Year creeps up on all of us.