NewsOne of the headliners of last year’s record-breaking Rock for People returns to the Czech Republic! The 1975 will perform in Prague in March at their best!

British guitar sensation The 1975 are returning to the Czech Republic this spring after their great headline show at last year’s Rock for People festival. The indie rock band, who won the prestigious Brit Awards, were named Band of the Decade at the 2020 NME Awards and have two Grammy nominations under their belt, will head to the Czech Republic this time as part of their pan-European tour “Still… At Their Very Best”. The band did not keep their Czech fans waiting long and on March 14, 2024, they will perform at the Fortuna Sports Hall at the Prague Exhibition Grounds as part of the Rock for People Concerts series. The last tickets are on sale at GoOut, Ticketportal and Ticketmaster: HERE.

Formed in 2002 in Wilmslow near Manchester, The 1975 have five studio albums to their name, the most recent of which, Being Funny in a Foreign Language, was recorded in 2022. The album topped the UK charts and the band played their biggest tour with it. Whether it’s frontman Healy’s fan-adored ripped image, dangerously catchy lyrics or musical precision, it’s clear that these musicians are among the world’s biggest stars.

Known for their unique sound and creative performances, The 1975 have become one of the most in-demand bands on the world stage. Moreover, they are renowned for their wide range through musical genres. The English rockers have flirted with flashy pop, anarchic punk, gritty garage rock, electro-funk and country. With their incisive songwriting and thoughtful lyrics, they ask existential questions about self-knowledge, nihilism, sex, climate change, mental health, addiction and postmodernism.

“Being Funny in a Foreign Language” is a bit of a rite of passage for The 1975. After two years in a pandemic where technology has become a means of coping with isolation, the world, and the band itself, seemed to be searching for raw, real moments. Being Funny attempts to do just that, while coming to terms with love and loss in the post-internet age. “I feel like people crave remarkable things that require as little technology as possible,” says band leader Matty Healy.

The singer, who has also been clean from heroin for four years, has put his identity crisis of his twenties behind him and feels completely settled in his career as a songwriter, while guitarist Adam Hann has his first child. The band has grown up and in many ways mellowed out. “We’re guys now, we’re fucking good.” And “Being Funny,” in particular, was the first record The 1975 made without strife or addiction getting in the way.

As the band members have matured, they’ve been able to clear up a lot of things, allowing the group to be more present than ever. “It was the first record where I said to myself: ‘F*ck this. I’m just going to be here now, and that’s what made the record sound so much more cohesive than the previous ones,” Healy describes.

The 1975 have enjoyed fan favour worldwide, with their songs reaching hundreds of millions of plays on YouTube and other music platforms.



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