Jakub Seidler, Chief Economist at Czech Banking Association

Jakub graduated in economics from Charles University in Prague, where he later also obtained a PhD. He completed anumber of research stays and courses abroad concerning econometric methods, financial stability, and central banking. He beganhis career in 2008 by joining the Czech National Bank (ČNB), where he worked in various expert positions in the financial stability, research, and monetary policy departments.

From June 2021, he took the position of the Chief economist at the Czech Banking Association, where he focuses mainly on macroeconomic analyses and forecasts adn analysis of the financial sectr. He leads the Macroeconomic Forecasting Panel of the ČBA and oversees the ČBA Monitor statistics project as well as regular information on the mortgage market known as ČBA Hypomonitor. He moved to the position of chief economist at the ČBA after seven years of serving as the chief economist of ING Bank in the Czech Republic.