NewsAssist The Environmental Partnership Foundation with enhancing the resilience of our nature and get beautiful artwork in return!

Are you searching for a meaningful gift for your employees and business partners?

The Environmental Partnership Foundation has joined forces with Czech artists and prepared a Christmas campaign called “Artists for Trees“. Contribute to the “Planting for the Future” collection and receive a gift certificate and a reproduction of an artwork by one of the three renowned artists:

Some photos from the planting:

The Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation has been aiding in enhancing the resilience of cities and landscapes against climate change for 30 years. Through their “Planting for the Future” initiative, they assist in planting hundreds of solitary trees, orchards, and tree alleys in open landscapes and cities across the Czech Republic.

Thanks for your donation! Thanks to you, The Environmental Partnership Foundation will be able to support communities throughout the Czech Republic.

Find more information on the project’s official website.

Or check some examples of the artwork: