NewsHealthy From Inside Out Conference: Connection of Mind + Brain + Body

Discover the secret of a fenomenal health. From inside out.

There is only one cause of all mental illnesses and there is only one cure that cures them all.

For almost 50 years, Dr Bill Pettit has been helping people with psychological issues to find mental health, we were all born with. He considers the key the “Understanding, of how our mind works. Despite his vast academical education, he has the ability to speak about Understanding very intelligibly, as an “ordinary” person and demonstrates it on practical everyday situations, which we all know.

We are very pleased Dr Bill Pettit had accepted our invitation to Czechia and we can invite you to join us on the journey of re-discovering mental well-being. Right now, you can even choose from two events with Bill.

Our goal is to promote mental well-being which costs nothing and is innate to us. Hence we have decided to organize a conference with a capacity of 300 participants.

Date: 6th June in ČVÚT, Thákurova 7, Prague 6, registration at main building.

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Special price CZK 600 for BCC members only. Use the code “BCC”

Dr Bill Pettit will explain, how a chronical mental stress (e.g. injustice, blame, spite, unresolved grief, fear, what others think about us, frustrations others don’t behave as we would like) lead to the activation of a stress response in our body. This response is designed to get us through a life-threatening situation lasting 30 minutes. (It alarms the body to act fast).

If we prolong this response, massive changes start occurring in our body (modified hormonal production, inflammatory reactions, redistribution of internal energy sources and their altered functioning, immune system deficiency).

The understanding you are going to take away from this conference will become the cure and the preventive vaccine.

Intensive workshop/retreat

Nothing Lacking, Never Broken with dr. Bill Pettit in Villa Voyta, 7-9th June 2019

In a small group of 20 people, we are going to take the journey to a deeper level of understanding. Within two intensive days, we will take a look at what’s behind developing of disease and pain, and what role our mind plays in this game. The programme will be tailored to the participants and their questions. Everyone, who purchases the ticket to the workshop will also obtain a complimentary ticket for the conference.