NewsGi Group launches chatbot

Gi Group has become the first recruitment agency in the Czech Republic to use a recruitment chatbot. So far it has been used by applicants for shop assistants. During one week, it was used by 200 candidates and 50 of them left contact details.

On average, in just two and a half minutes the chatbot was able to find out the applicants’ experience and qualifications. The chatbot, an artificial intelligence program, was created by the Czech company Feedyou.

“We are currently using the chatbot for recruitment for shop assistants, not only for fashion stores in malls but also for luxury boutiques in Pařížská Street. Within a few minutes, we are able to use the chatbot to find out if candidates have previous experience in selling fashion and what languages they can use when they can work,” Gi Group country manager Carlo Albanese said.

“What is most important for us, we establish contact with the candidate and we can immediately call them with a job offer that is best suited for them because they have specified their idea of future employment in the previous communication with the chatbot,” he said, adding that the use of this technology was a first in the Czech Republic.

The chatbot by Feedyou is a communication robot that puts targeted questions to candidates, who can answer using a pre-selected answer scale or where it is possible with free text.

Gi Group already uses web pages, job portals and social media such as Facebook and Instagram to reach job seekers.

“To acquire new candidates, you need to open new communication channels. That’s why the chatbot is such a good choice. It’s available where people spend time and when they are there. Gi Group has opted for a new communication channel to reach passive candidates and get closer to them than ever before,” Vojtěch Dlouhý, co-founder and commercial director of Feedyou, said.

Gi Group’s recruitment tool simplifies the work of its recruiters and streamlines recruitment campaigns. The conversational form of chatbot significantly improves the digital interaction, motivating candidates to submit their data and increasing recruitment campaigns’ results. A big plus for candidates is the ability to communicate with this virtual recruiter at a time that suits them the most.

“Already we are talking about success. The first week after launch, more than 200 people chatted with the chatbot and about 25 percent left contact information. And, interestingly, we got the most answers after regular business hours. We are proud to have found a way to use modern technological tools to reach our target audience and significantly increase the number of candidates for positions,” Gi Group marketing manager Antonio Misiti said.

Gi Group Spa is headquartered in Milan, Italy. It was founded in 1998 and is also a global corporate member of World Employment Confederation, the international confederation of private employment agencies.

The group began international expansion in 2007 and now operates in over 40 countries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. In 2017 it found a full-time job for 100,000 people and provided services to 20,000 companies, according to its own figures.