NewsFamily Day with H2Ospodař!, an interactive workshop about water cycle

May was a very intense month for H2Ospodař!, as they made 27 tours to kindergartens and primary schools during which they managed to run a total of 58 workshops reaching over 1,800 pupils! These workshops took place mainly in the Prague area but H2Ospodař! also participated in a public event called Františkovy Lásky and two festivals in České Budějovice and Opava.

Furthermore, H2Ospodař! recently organised an interactive stand for children and O2 employees during O2 Family Day. During four hours, they manifested to more than 350 children where they can find water in nature, what their daily water consumption is and how to better manage it. The children were able to try everything out for themselves and thus understand how they can better manage water at home. The most popular experiment presented the flow of water into different soils. H2Ospodař! really appreciates participating in such a well organised event where the children are interested in playing and learning. This is also the path H2Ospodař! is building with its exhibition.

H2Ospodař!’s goal is to build respect and good relationship with water as a precious resource. H2Ospodař! has been introducing water issues to children and the general public as part of their educational workshops and interactive exhibitions at public events since 2019. During their programmes, they show practical ways to manage water sparingly, involve individuals and provide an intensive hands-on experience. They can make interesting educational programmes for corporate customers as well.

For more information you can reach to their website.