NewsEY: Help us recognize and honor exceptional Czech entrepreneurs

EY is looking for the 19thEY Entrepreneur Of The Year in the Czech Republic. The winner will represent the Czech Republic at the worldwide finale in Monte Carlo, which will take place from 5-9 June 2019. The national winner will compete for the title of EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year. Nominations and applications are easily accessible online at www.podnikatelroku.czuntil 21 October 2018.

EY Entrepreneur Of The Year is the most prestigious global contest for entrepreneurs that pays tribute to outstanding personalities. Its aim is to introduce to the public outstanding individuals in the field of business who may serve as examples for young, up-and-coming entrepreneurs. For the past 18 years, EY in the Czech Republic has been searching for inspirational entrepreneurs who do not lack courage, motivation and vision. Entrepreneurs, who took advantage of the obstacles and used them to strengthen themselves and to help them build a thriving business.

Help us recognize and honor these exceptional people by nominating them to the EY Entrepreneur of The Year contest or, if you are one of them, apply yourself, both at

The contest is awarding entrepreneurs in the following categories:

  • EY Entrepreneur Of The Year in the Czech Republic
  • EY Entrepreneur Of The Year in selected Czech regions
  • EY Technology Entrepreneur Of The Year
  • EY Emerging Entrepreneur Of The Year
  • EY Social Entrepreneur Of The Year
  • Czech Television Award for Outstanding Business Contribution to Culture and Art
  • MF DNES and Readers’ Award forBest Business Story

The Entrepreneur Of The Year contest has been conceived as an international contest, so the judging criteria are comparable in every country where it takes place. Currently the only internationally recognized contest of its kind, it is regularly held in nearly 60 countries on six continents.

Continue reading for more information about each category and the judging process.

When reaching its decisions the judging panel abides by international rules. The main evaluation criteria include strategic orientation, global reach, and of course a company’s financial results, which are a clear indicator of its health and future prospects. The evaluation process is complex and as well as financial data takes into account the personality of the competitor and their business story. The members of the judging panel also examine the business spirit of each nominee, their honesty and fairness, and their activities outside the company in society at large or the region where they are based.

The head of this year’s judging panel will be Lubomír Stoklásek from AGROSTROJ Pelhřimov, EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2017 in the Czech Republic. The next winner will be also carefully chosen by the previously awarded entrepreneurs – František Piškanin (HOPI), Zbyněk Frolík (LINET), Eduard Kučera (AVAST Software) or Pavel Juříček (BRANO Group).

The EY Entrepreneur Of The Year in the Czech Republic competition is open to any company owner who wields a deciding influence in its management and is an active member of its top management. The company must be at least two years old (as verified by two complete financial statements) and employ at least eight people. Anyone can nominate or suggest an entrepreneur for the competition, e.g. a colleague, customer, employee or relative.

Any competition participant whose company creates or uses technology in an innovative way may enter the category EYTechnology Entrepreneur Of The Year. Applications are judged by a specialist panel that examines whether modern technology has been successfully integrated into company process, whether it significantly impacts on the success of the company, and whether there is a long-term strategy in place for the utilisation of modern technology.

The category EY Emerging Entrepreneur Of The Year is open to entrepreneurs who are not yet 30 years old on 31 December 2018 or who had been doing business for five years at most. They have to meet the competition qualification criteria, though no specific number of employees is stipulated.

The prize for EY Social Entrepreneur Of The Year has been awarded in the Czech Republic since 2006. It is open to anyone who applies business principles to social problems. This involves the introduction of practical, innovative approaches to deep-seated issues that often remain beyond society’s interest. This is not a synonym for charity work or philanthropy and should offer a workable alternative to purely charitable or state activities.

This year we will award the third Czech Television Award for Outstanding Contribution to Culture and Art. It is open to anyone who offers financial or material support to Czech cultural projects, e.g. music festivals, film projects, theatre, exhibitions, etc. However, culture is not a nominee’s main business activity and their support is not provided in order to make a profit.

A prize forBest Business Story has been awarded since 2011 by the main co-organiser of the competition, the MAFRA media group. The editorial board of MF DNES selects eight finalists from participants in the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year competition. The readers of and MF DNES then vote for the best business story from the previous year.