09:00 - 12:00
Registration at 08:45
British Chamber of Commerce
Na Florenci 15, Praha
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Workshop is meant for HR professionals and line managers who deal with the question of talent management, employee selection and development and success at work in general. The objective of the workshop is to provide you with practical steps how to identify success job profile and discover the potential in employees or candidates to fulfil this profile. Emphasis is put on competency framework and high performer vs high potential employee constructs to achieve full engagement of hiring and line managers in talent management cycle.


  • High performer vs high potential – concepts and definitions for talent management
  • Personality and competency as a key aspect for success at work
  • Competency models – various types and their specification
  • Job analysis – techniques of key competencies identification
  • Building a maintaining relationship with line managers in talent management process

About Lenka Malá

Lenka is an I/O psychologist and Senior HR Consultant. She works with vast variety of clients in the field of psychology where people, team and organisation come to a question of performance, motivation, success or satisfaction at work. She helps organisations to understand human behaviour in the context of work with help of research methods, rigour data analysis and individual approach to every client need.

About Barbora Riedl Černíková

Barbora is Managing Director at SHL Talent Assessment and I/O psychologist. Throughout her career she has gained lots of experience working as an external consultant delivering services to various clients but also as a member of internal HR department as a Learning and Development Manager. The topic of her interest is well-being and its opposite – burnout. In her point of view employees´ wellbeing can be flourished very well only when the right people are on the right spot, which will be also discussed during the workshop.