09:00 - 13:00
Registration at 08:45
British Chamber of Commerce
Na Florenci 15, Praha
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Strategic engagement is about responding to people for the purposes of information gathering and influence.  The practise and skills you will gain from this session will equip you to pursue both these functions with a discreet and ‘soft’ approach. Using role-plays and simulated networking situations we will explore ways of developing relationships and accelerating trust-building whilst suspending your differences and/or your own agenda.  This training forms part of our international meeting skills, chairing and leadership training and aims to increase your effectiveness in these roles by fostering harmony and framing proposals in mutual values.

Course content

  • Accelerated relationship building skills
  • Listening to a view different to your own and not showing it
  • Recognising sincerely the value of another’s position without agreeing to it
  • Framing your own position within the values of the other you seek to influence
  • Small talk and keeping a social conversation going
  • Engaging and steering through questions and sharing
  • Planting a seed for future connection and when to disengage


  • 09.00 to 11.00 First session including accelerated relationship building and use of recognition before adding your point
  • 11.00 to 11.20   Coffee break
  • 11.20 to 12.45   Second session including strategic networking role-plays
  • 12.45 to 13.00  Summary & wrap-up followed by refreshments

Who should attend

  • Ideally suited to leaders and managers of all sorts and those involved in sensitive discussions or negotiations.  Also aimed at those who lack power and who need to gain leverage to be heard and get their interests included.

About the trainers

Since 2000 John Holmes and Ben Livingstone from Frontline Training Solutions Ltd have trained major public organisations across Europe, specialising in finance, law and diplomacy.  Both are trained as actors.  Clients include most of the central banks of Europe, including the CNB, EU agencies, NATO, the UN, the Austrian government, the European Stability Mechanism, the European Central Bank and Prague’s very own law firm, Havel & Partners.  They specialise in international communication and leadership training and offer open courses in leadership & management, chairing and meeting skills.  They also offer team coaching in leadership and inter-cultural development.  They have a long relationship with the Czech Republic with both the public and private sector and seek to develop this further by establishing a company here, post Brexit.