08:30 - 11:15
Assessment Systems
Sokolovská 131/86, Prague
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The British Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with Assessment Systems invites you to the Nonviolent Communication Workshop.

Hello, can you hear me? How to communicate effectively.

The interactions with all the people surrounding you have a big influence on your relationships. If you live peacefully with the people around you, you live more peacefully with yourself. However, very often we find ourselves facing communication challenges, conflicts and misunderstandings.

In this workshop, participants will receive essential theoretical knowledge and skills that can be put in practice in their daily life. Through interactive activities you will learn how to successfully communicate and how to bring more compassion into your life at home, at work or any community you belong to.


Course content

  • What is the key to an effective communication?
  • How to communicate to fulfill the needs of both sides of the conversation?
  • How to actively engage your colleagues into the communication process?



  • First session 8.30 am – 9.45 am
  • Coffee break
  • Second session 10.15 am – 11.15 am


After the official end of workshop there is still time for networking.