09:00 - 12:00
British Chamber of Commerce
Na Florenci 15, Praha
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HR Academy with Pavel Novák

HR ACADEMY No.7 Strategy – Strategy & Structure


  • Can you articulate your company’s vision and strategy? And how clear is it your team? And do you need it at all?
  • How do you allocate budgets and evaluate performance of each unit when cross-division collaboration is the CEO’s mantra?
  • What are the effective boundaries of a unit? Where does Sales Dept. end and Operations Dept. begin? What tasks belong to HR vs. to Operations? And are organised well?
  • What’s he link between company’s strategy, its organizational structure and individual jobs?

The objective of HR Academy No. 7 is putting terms like strategy, vision, structure and unit boundary in proper perspective.

If you feel your company could use some help in aligning objectives, people and  resources so that they feel engaged and productive, come and learn more about it. We will practice the principles on an imaginary company and explore the important interrelations.