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British Chamber of Commerce
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BCC HR Academy 2018

Session 1: Understanding the Big Picture

I aim to inspire you. To help you improve your skills in the long-term. To give you those all-important ´eureka´ moments and a fresh new perspective on your work. So you can approach direct calls with renewed confidence. With renewed energy. So you can call like a master and achieve remarkable results.

The Purpose:

In any large organisation, change is a frequent challenge. Change projects are designed, launched and communicated; Development experts are hired and paid for; and key employees attend a series of training courses or workshops to behave differently… and then nothing much really changes.

While it is relatively easy to start using new words, titles or re-draw the orgchart, it is much harder to achieve a lasting change in behaviour of people.

The impact on HR Learning and Development experts is an increasing resistance of participants (“yes, another quick fix is here”) and find it harder and harder to justify the budget for such initiatives.

And this is the purpose of the BCC HR Academy: Helping HR learning and development professionals understand what it takes to achieve lasting impact when running training projects, change projects and various problem solving initiatives. Come join this unique series of safe learning and experience- sharing workshops!


Length: 3hrs (90min work – 20min break – 70min work)

Target group: L&D, Training and Development managers or specialists of 500+ employees in Czech rep.

Group size: 10-12 participants.

Language used: all materials will be in English. The discussions may be in Czech depending on the mix of participants.


The workshop is designed to be highly interactive and foster insight and experience sharing. We will follow this proven pattern:

  1. A bit of useful theory
  2. Self assessments, a Case Study and Audio Samples to raise awareness
  3. Applying on our own situation
  4. Experience sharing

Each participant will leave this session with a tangible outcome: two copyrighted self-assessment tools (Your Organisation Paradigm, Internal vs. External Control Belief Assessment), a case study of a seccuessful change (Kodak Case) and a deeper understanding of the Barriers of Success in any change initiative. At the end, each participant will get a chance to formulate a plan of potentially useful actions ill be created.

The Contents:

  • What do employees and organisations want after 2012? Has the the world changed or is engagement of employees still the ultimate objective to peak performance?
  • Is Your Organisation’s Paradigm Up-to-date to Solve Current and Future Challenges? Or Is Your Organisation Stuck in The Past – Repeating What Once Worked and Hoping It Will Work This Time Again Irrrespective of the Shifts That Have Happened? (Self-Assessment)
  • What is the role of informal organisation and formal organisation to achieve success in change initiatives?
  • What’s the risk of Quick Fix and What Can be Done to Minimize Employee Cynicism?
  • What are the Barriers to Success – the Silent Killers to Most Change Initiatives – and What to Do About Them?
  • Who implements the change? Is it the Boss, a Group of Selected Change Ambassadors or All the Employees?
  • What are the Necessary Beliefs Each Individual Needs to Have to Acheive Lasting Impact of Any Change Initiative? (Self-Assessment)
  • What are the Barriers to Success and How Can We Remove Them?
  • How Can We Manage Change Having The Big Picture in Mind?
  • How Can We Bridge the Disconnect Between Top Management and Staff?
  • A Kodak Case Study