09:00 - 12:00
Registration at 08:45
British Chamber of Commerce
Na Florenci 15, Praha
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Introduction to Conflict Management and Non-Violent Communication

We are happy to introduce this workshop with our member Mirella Kreder, who is an experienced mediator and business consultant.




Conflict is a natural and normal part of any workplace. Where people interact on a daily basis, interests, personalities and ideas collide. But conflict isn’t necessarily something negative. When sensitively handled, it can help you to grow on a personal and professional level. In this workshop you will learn how, especially through the use of non-violent communication, a more positive work environment and more fruitful negotiations can be achieved.


Course content:

–  The approach matters: Which strategies can help to prevent conflict.

–  From work relationship to work partnership: How communication can be the key to turning a workplace conflict into an opportunity.

–  Business isn’t all that rational: How to deal with negative emotions.

–  Alternative Dispute Resolution is on the rise: Which techniques can support you in your daily business.


Refreshment is included.