09:00 - 13:00
British Chamber of Commerce
Na Florenci 15, Praha
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Workshop is meant mainly for anyone who has been struggling with remembering and recalling, for instance in learning English or basically learning anything for a long time with unsatisfying results.

This one-day course will help you to identify your own learning style and help you to find out well-working learning techniques which will make your learning process quicker, easier and more effective. Workshop will be delivered by Pavlína Hotařová.



The whole course will be conducted in an interactive way. Each section will be briefly introduced and then largely practised in group or pair work interactions. The level of attendees´ involvement is really high.

Participants will also get basic knowledge of Mr. Pok´s method, Loci Method and Ribot´s test, which can be used on daily basis as fast method saving something into our memory and recalling again.



  • Learning Styles and Strategies
  • Story method
  • Pok method
  • Loci method
  • Alertness/keep focus


About Pavlína Hotařová

My career started as a language teacher, specifically teacher of English where I could clearly see that the learning styles differ not only based on students´ age and education but also how fine they can maintain their own learning process and self-awareness in memorising processes.

One of my strengths is an individual approach and enthusiasm which I hope is recognisable during courses. I graduated from Masaryk University, Faculty of Education and I am certified soft skill course tutor.

I am currently working as a branch manager at Slůně – svět jazyků language school in Brno which keeps me in touch with this matter on daily basis.