09:00 - 12:00
Registration at 08:45
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Workshop I Be Offline and Happy with Top Vision

Come and experience this fantastic experience driven workshop about being offline and happy. See the VIDEO INVITATION HERE.


Benefits and goals for training participants

  • Participants will work with their attention and focus
  • Understand the influence of being constantly online on their work and performance
  • They will try to work with constant interruption and many communication channels
  • They will understand the principles of today’s technology and why they are so addictive
  • They will get motivation and inspiration to be offline
  • They will take away tips and tricks to be offline

Course content:

  • how we use technology
  • dependence on technologies – how to prevent them, how to get rid of them
  • how to be more productive while being less online
  • offline mode as a way to life balance and prevention of burnout syndrome
  • set personal borders to the offline and online world

What will the training be like?

Morning and afternoon breaks will be discussed with the trainer at the beginning of the training. There is no strict dress code for the training – you can wear what you like and what you feel comfortable in.

About the speaker: Lukáš Barda I Agile Coach

He is a graduate of the Czech Technical University in Prague. He has gained work experience over the years in the consultancy firm Accenture where he worked in various positions (waterfall project management) and in Česká spořitelna, where he worked on various lifestyle styles – seeking balance between online and offline world, freedom, peace, happiness and ones purpose. Gradually he went through the profession of project manager, agile coach or IT architect in the delivery and sales phases he works as an IT professional and also focuses on the impact of information technology on life and performance.