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What is a Shared Service Centre? How does it work and for which company does it make sense? Where do cost savings, added value and enhanced customer experience occur? How does the handover process from the client to the shared service centre work? In what areas is there continuous improvement in the quality and efficiency of the services provided? What is the Order-to-Cash process?

The answers to these and other questions will be answered in our webinar by the management of Sony DADC Czech Republic s.r.o., which operates a shared service centre in the Czech Republic.



What is the Shared Services Center?
How processes work, where savings are made, case studies, introduction to the Sony DADC.
Presenter: Vladimír Kovář, General Manager, European Service Center, Sony DADC Czech Republic

Process of quality and continuous improvement in the shared service centre environment
New client onboarding process and subsequent quality and continuous improvement processes in the SSC environment.
Presenter: Jan Hurdzan, Quality & Continuous Improvement Manager, Sony DADC Czech Republic

Presentation of the whole process (scope, deliverables, KPIs, reporting), how teams work, added value of services (customer experience, performance improvement).
Presenter: Lenka Adamová, Retail Operations Manager and Ondřej Kellner, Finance Operations Manager, Sony DADC Czech Republic


Moderator: Miloš Capoušek, Sales Manager – Managed Services, Sony DADC Czech Republic


Platform: MS Teams (link will be sent to the registered guests)