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Making the most of the data is about thinking business, not technology. It is about linking my data with data of others in the organisation and with the data from the outside world. It is about breaking down silos and focusing on company-wide alignment, cooperation and changing the way we think and work.

Now, post-covid19, this has become even more important as people and customers adopted online at an unprecedented speed and extent.

And yes, there’s a technology bit involved as well.

What should I as a leader or data enthusiast do, to make sure the transformation to data-driven way of working is successful?


About Tomas

Tomas is a professional with technology background and 19 years of cross-functional and cross-industry experience in business, technology and consulting.

Through his data analytics and consultancy boutique Colours of Data he focuses on helping companies to transform into data-driven and customer centric organisations.

With his team in Colours of Data, Tomas is working across 3 main areas: Helping clients to setup the right transformation strategy that is based on business objectives, building the right data analytics capabilities and expertise in the organisations and stimulating the cultural change in clients’ teams to ensure adoption of the new way of working.